PrograMill PM7

The lab is at the forefront of technological advances in the provision of dental laboratory services. We both keep informed about international technological developments and invest in the latest equipment and materials to ensure our clients have access to the highest quality products and services through us.

Now, we introduce you our newest acquisition: Ivoclair Digital PrograMill PM7. The PrograMill PM7 offers a future-proof high-end solution for the precise and efficient production of dental restorations. Its modern design incorporates an integrated PC with touch-screen that controls the entire system, while its industrial features, such as the zero point quick release clamping system for millable discs and high power spindle, result in precise and fast production results. See all the features, advantages, materials and indications below:


  • Robust system hardware including servomotors and high power spindle
  • 20-position tool changer for independent processing
  • Automatic 8-material changer utilizing RFID technology
  • Quick release system for millable materials
  • Integrated CNC PC and intelligent machine management


  • Shorter production times
  • Less manual work
  • Less interruptions in the working process
  • No plaster models required
  • Articulation is no longer required
  • Quicker model analysis and faster set-ups


  • IPS e.max CAD / IPS e.max ZirCAD
  • IPS Empress CAD
  • Telio CAD
  • Colado CAD CoCr4 / Colado CAD Ti2 und Ti5
  • SR Vivodent CAD
  • IvoBase CAD
  • ProArt CAD


  • Inlays, onlays, veneers
  • Partial crowns, crowns
  • Bridges
  • Hybrid bridges
  • Digital complete dentures

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