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Something to Smile About

We custom make and supply orthodontic appliances, dental prosthesis, sleep appliances and mouthguards
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State-of-the-Art Solutions

We provide a design consultancy service and use the latest technology in the production of appliances and models, including 3D imaging and printing.


We custom make dentures, orthodontic appliances, sleep appliances and mouthguards and ship New Zealand wide.


All work is hand-crafted in house and overseen by New Zealand Registered Dental Technicians who take a personal interest in delivering you a bespoke solution.


Our expert technicians have access to the latest 3D imaging technology available and employ the highest quality materials in the construction and manufacturing of your orthodontic appliances.


We understand that the sooner your problem is fixed the sooner your quality of life is improved and we make it happen as quickly as we can. Repairs and relines can happen the same day.


As all work in done in house we are able to provide you direct telephone access to the dental technician who created your orthodontic appliance.

To speak directly to a Dental Technician for support call 0800 500 730


The Lab provides a full laboratory service including custom-made solutions and direct technical support service to dental professionals throughout New Zealand.

We custom make dentures, crowns and bridges, orthodontic appliances, sleep appliances and mouth guards to order and ship over night.

We have access to the latest 3D imaging and 3D printing technology and use high-quality materials to ensure you are provided with the best products and solutions available.

All work is done in house and quality checked by a Registered New Zealand Dental Technician.

Our mission is to create for you an affordable, high-quality, personalised dental solution regardless of how small or complex the dental problem.


    All work is hand-crafted in house by New Zealand Registered Clinical Dental Technicians who take a personal interest in delivering you a bespoke solution.


    As all work in done in house by qualified experts and we guarantee our workmanship.

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    We provide a full on-site denture repair, cleaning and denture reline service.

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    We believe in value for money and are committed to providing affordable high-quality solutions.

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    Free Courier Nationwide

    We offer free, fast shipping on all orders

Partial Dentures

The Lab hand-crafts partial dentures in one or a combination of materials: chrome, cobalt; acrylic and TCS material.

We pride ourselves on providing a fully bespoke, aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly a comfortable fitting solution.

Each case is individually constructed for the patient and handled with the utmost care.

You are able to speak directly to the technician who has created the prosthesis to maximise results.

Quality assurance is provided by a New Zealand registered dental technician.

We provide a design consultancy service for partial dentures.

Sleep Appliances

The Lab are the only OrthoApnea Certified Laboratory in New Zealand.

TheĀ Orthoapnea device is a patented prosthesis of splint type designed as solution for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea and moderate sleep syndrome and increased resistance of the upper airway (IRSUA) and for patients with severe apnea, who can not tolerate CPAP.

It is also effective in the treatment of bruxism and forward jaw, that to some extent limits lateral movements, that appear in this disorder.

Read more about OrthoApnea on their website:


The Lab professionally create pressure laminated mouthguards which are the highest level of dental fit.

These guards are layered under pressure to give outstanding high-impact protection and fit. The wearer is able to talk, breathe and play uninhibited and without fear.

We offer fully personalised colour combinations and designs for individual or team needs.