Maestro Ortho Studio 2.8 Software

Ortho Studio is an intuitive and easy-to-use orthodontic software programme used for the 3D inspection, editing and analysis, of patient dental models scanned by the Maestro 3D Dental Scanner.

It is also accompanied by a free viewer that allows to distribute the digital models to the customers. Available for PC and IPad.

Ortho Studio 2.8 comes with a host of extremely useful functions including:

  • the set up of analysis points on models for rapid and consistent analysis;
  • tooth width and arch measurement;
  • occlusal maps;
  • overbite & overjet measurement;
  • multi-view;
  • snapshot printing;
  • options to adjust and analyse occlusion with a palette of several 3D tools;
  • stitch of virtual study model bases in under 60 seconds;
  • analysis of all patient cases with a complete set of 3D distance and measurement tools;
  • keep┬átrack of the complete patient history with automatic archiving of the patient cases;
  • virtual setups; and
  • model building for 3D printing;

Ortho Studio 2.8 Free Software Download for Windows 7 only